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Emjay Promo Codes here it will ask you whether you want to show the SUBSCRIBE thing or not yes we want to show that so we'll select yes then after that if you also want to display your Facebook Twitter and all those links now here as you can see at the bottom or if you want to display these icons Facebook and everything you can do that as well so I'll type in this hashtag everywhere all right now click on Save Changes now when you come back to your website refresh it scroll down now as you can see it is displaying your newsletter in it is also displaying different social icons now let's do some more settings so we have enabled this subscribed thing the newsletter thing but it will not work because we have not connected it with anything so what we can do is we can click on email first of all and you can select the sender name and email address


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Heyemjay Promo Codes it that first time because it's one in dirt now let's talk about the last type of coupon and that is digital digital we go a digital digital digital don't like that that's my stay awake band listen digital y'all are really over here…

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